Cage fighter says he killed ex after ‘losing control over sex life revelations’

A former cage fighter has told a jury he killed his ex-girlfriend when he lost control and became “overwhelmed” by a string of revelations about her sex life.

Andrew Wadsworth, 37, stabbed beautician Melissa Belshaw, 32, to death in the front bedroom of her home in Billinge, Wigan, on the afternoon of May 20 but denies her murder.

Manchester Crown Court has heard Ms Belshaw admitted to Wadsworth days before that she had been receiving £1,200 a week for spending two hours with a “sugar daddy” but that since September 2019 she had been denying to him she was an escort.

Giving evidence on Wednesday, Wadsworth said he had “strong suspicions” about her sexual activities but had “nothing nailed on to prove it” until May 20, when he said he was “overwhelmed” by her admissions.

He said for the first time she admitted she had been a sex worker “at some level” ever since they were together.

Wadsworth said Ms Belshaw also clarified rumours he heard about a sex party by saying she had multiple partners and also “fully admitted” her part in setting up a robbery in which he broke his back.

Another issue, he said, was about her “crying poverty… when she was earning a lot of money”.

Wadsworth said he had given her “thousands” in cash before they split up last Christmas.

He denied a suggestion from Tim Storrie QC, cross-examining, that he had become “obsessed” with Ms Belshaw.

Mr Storrie asked: “The reason why you killed Melissa was, you say, you lost control at what she said. Do you mean you lost your temper?”

Wadsworth said: “No, I didn’t lose my temper. I lost control.”

Mr Storrie said: “Was it because you binged on drink and drugs, you believed in the nonsense and you decided to kill a woman who had irritated you for a long time?”

“No,” said the defendant.

He was recalled to prison in January 2019 and then released again on March 4 this year after a parole hearing.

Wadsworth denies murder and separate offences of attempting to murder a neighbour of Ms Belshaw.